Tuesday, October 30, 2012

This is me blogging more


FINE!  I'll blog more.

The last few months have been kind of hectic.  My beloved gas station has officially turned into a 7-eleven and I absolutely hate it now.  I judge how much I like a job based on how often I wish I was dead.  If I wish I was dead only like once or twice throughout the week, then it's probably a pretty good job.  If I wish I was dead 24-25 times, then it's probably time to find another job because at that point I'm constantly thinking about dying and James Dean taught us what happens when you constantly think about death.  (spoiler - he died)  So right now I average probably 15-17 death thoughts a week directly related to work.  So we're getting up there.

I don't like working for people who don't trust their own employees.  While I understand that 7-eleven mostly hires people that have no other skills or much else going on in their lives (and as a result, are a little on the "untrustworthy" side), it still bothers me when they have a bunch of obstacles in place that prevent me from efficiently ringing a person up for a donut.  So once I feel like I have enough money to not work there anymore, I probably won't work there anymore.

I'm also getting married in... 18 days I think?  Holy crap.  18 days.  Don't get me wrong, I'm excited about it, but it's also weird to think that everything changes in 18 days.  When I ask friends how being married is, most of them say "Umm... just enjoy being single."  And that scares me.  Are you all part of a secret society designed to make others miserable?  Is that what this is all about?

My free time is mostly spent playing video games.  If video game design were more of a family-man friendly environment, I'd totally get a job doing that, but from what I hear, it's 12-14 hour days 6 days a week and most people don't stay in the business for more than like 3 years.  That's not what I'm looking for.  The 12-14 hour days don't bother me much as long as they're not every single day.

Also, I started a Twitter account (https://twitter.com/hugocwip).  Why?  Boredom, mostly.  I'm also thinking about starting a blog where I talk entirely about video games, but I think that might get boring for me.  Also, if my parents ever found that hypothetical blog, I think they would feel like failures because they still think video games are a child's toy for some reason.

And then I remember that I work at 7-eleven and that my parents probably already feel like they failed.

Why am I so bored?  Well, I tend to have one major medical emergency per year.  Last year, I lost the ability to walk.  The years previous, I was pretty much insane.  The year before that, I had to get surgery right above my bumhole.  The year before that, I randomly had seizures for no explainable reason (coincidentally starting when I started dating Sara 1.0 and stopping when I stopped dating Sara 1.0).  The year before that, I one day stopped hearing things.  That pretty much catches us up for the last 8 or so years.

So you see, I have one major medical emergency per year and it's pretty much always been like that.  Most of them turn out to be me doing something negligent, such putting a Q-Tip in my ear even though it explicitly states right on the box to not do that.  This year's medical emergency is intense leg pain that isn't made better by doing anything.  Right now, my legs hurt.  Muscle pain down the front of my thighs and the backs of my calves.  Why?  No idea.  The doctor doesn't know either.  Says I might need to lose weight.  Then I showed him what his own lung looks like.

So I had my boss at work drop me down to part time while I writhe in pain in my own quarters.  So now I have lots of free time to do pretty much whatever I want, as long as what I want doesn't involve walking.

Any suggestions on what a cripple is supposed to do for fun/work?

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  1. I really like being married. It's super awesome 98% of the time. And I also really like the Video Game Production Master's program that I'm doing right now. The industry is shifting...