Thursday, January 5, 2012

Current Events 1/5/12

Things that friends who don't talk to me daily would be interested in hearing:

  • I'm still living in Virginia and have yet to graduate from college despite that being the plan last semester.  
    • I'm looking into finishing school through online classes (Statistics, Info Lit, Senior Paper), but before I can do that, I need money.  I'm still on track to finishing my undergrad with no debt, so that's cool.
  • I'm not in classes.  
    • In order to get back into SVU (after having withdrawn from last semester due to insomnia), I need a medical examination.  I still don't have the rigid sleep schedule needed to pass that exam right now, so for now, I work.
  • Being depressed from a few weeks ago is gone.  
    • I got another new job (which relieves a TON of stress), I had a lot of great friends reach out to help me.  It was great.  Thank you.
  • I spend the majority of my time with Eric Griffin.  
    • He's the only guy I know that can start a sentence with "So I was pretending to be a wizard..." and end it with getting a girl's phone number.  Most of our time together is spent with him playing video games on my computer and me reading in bed.  It works out nicely.
  • I have this new friend.  If you read this blog (and you should - at least the posts about stories), then you're familiar with her.  Her name is Lauren from the Accidental Date stories.  After a few dates, we decided to be friends.  There were a few reasons for this (some shared, some kept secret) - 
    • My Stated Reasons:
      • I'm a little burnt out on formal dating right now and just need a friend.  I haven't had someone to just sit and endlessly talk to in a low-pressure situation for a long time.  I don't want to have to worry about the right timing on holding a girl's hand or kissing her or worrying about what she's thinking or anything like that.  I just want a friend that I can be comfortable around.  Lauren and I connect well enough to be really good friends.
      • I hate formal dating.  So much.
    • Her Stated Reasons:
      • She recently finished a great relationship and just doesn't really want to date right now.
      • She hates formal dating.  So much.
    • Reasons I Didn't Tell Her:
      • Age gap.  Not a huge reason, I'll admit.  Our maturity levels match up pretty well and we're pretty much at the same place in life (progress-wise), so it's definitely crossable, but it's still big enough to make me feel a little self-conscious.  I was talking to one of my roommates a few weeks ago about our age rules for dating.  My rule was always that I'm willing to date a girl 4 years younger than me, or 2 years older than me - a 6 year span.  I've broken (shattered) that rule.  I've dated a girl (definition of date right now is "went on multiple dates with") 11 years older than me, and I've dated a girl 7 years younger than me.  I've crossed 18 years of dating.  THAT'S weird to think about...
      • I was in a really weird place romantically with someone else at the time.
    • Reasons She Didn't Tell Me (according to my own interpretations):
      • My name is the same as her ex's.  While I'm not actually sure that's one of her reasons, that HAS to be weird.  It took me forever to convince myself that I was ok with dating Sara 2.1 after Sara 1.0.  It turned out to work out nicely because I never had to worry about calling Sara 2.1 by the wrong name.  Silver lining in everything, I suppose...
      • Probably age gap.  Elephant in the room.
  • My alone time is mostly spent playing piano, reading books (something that I've recently started doing and I enjoy it so far), and coming up with awesome Would You Rather questions to ask Lauren.
    • Example:  "Would you rather chop off and eat both your thumbs, or drink a tall glass of someone else's diarrhea every day for the rest of your life?"
  • I work in a gas station.  
    • It's pretty much awesome so far, but definitely not something that will last long term.  Stand.  Clean something.  Stand.  Put something on a shelf.  Stand.  It's not the best job I've ever had (that title's reserved for the delinquent home), but it's still pretty good.
  • I'm not dating anyone.
    • There was a little spark of something with someone over Christmas break, but I think that was mostly due to the fact that there was no one else around.
    • Not being in classes limits my social access a lot.
  • I'm working on some pretty awesome story-form blog posts.
    • 5 are in the works right now.  When will they be finished?  I'm not sure.  I find that when I deactivate my Facebook, I blog more.  I think it's due to an emotional need for social media.  If Facebook satisfies that need, the blog gets neglected.  If I deactivate Facebook, I blog more, but not as many people read it.  Lose-lose, I suppose.
That pretty much brings us up to speed.

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