Sunday, November 6, 2011

Real Quick -

I just finished Accidental Date Part 2, but I think I'm gonna sit on it for a few days.  My posts are long and I don't want to overwhelm people.

Also, I cancelled my Facebook a few weeks ago (and reactivated it briefly so my new phone would re-download all the contacts, then cancelled it again), so if you see that I'm not on your friends list anymore, it's not because I hate you.  Quite the opposite - I love you.

Everyone who reads this should show it to at least 1 person who doesn't read this. Just post it on your Facebook wall or something.  Do it right now - you have no reason not to.  Don't be shy about it.  I would greatly appreciate it.

Also, my birthday is on Tuesday.  So if you were like "Hmm, I'm really in the mood to give someone a present on Tuesday" then I'm your guy!

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