Friday, October 21, 2011

The good stuff

A slightly-more-than-an-acquaintance-but-not-quite-full-blown-friend/whatever-yet of mine just informed me that she had found and read my entire blog (a feat that I imagine is somewhat grueling at times).  Some people get weirded out by that kind of thing (read: being stalked); I'm more flattered - it's hard to weird me out.  PLUS someone was interested enough to read everything I have written AND had the guts to admit it without any prompting whatsoever.  I like people with guts (both literally and figuratively).

She commented on how she admired how I'm able to just say whatever I want about people and let that be that.  It was a sincere compliment and it made me feel good.

Then it made me all paranoid and now I keep thinking to myself, "Do I only write negative things??  I'm not totally a negative person!  Am I?"

She also asked if Sara 2.1 has found this blog yet.  She has.

So this positive post is dedicated to friends that have helped me through the last few (terrible-but-definitely-improved-in-the-last-few-months) years.  These are people that currently stand out in my mind.  If you don't make the list, don't worry - there's room.

This is basically a list of friends that I would want to live near once I'm all grown up with a real job and family and stuff.  All of our kids could form an awesome-brigade.  I've never been part of a brigade, so I'd have to live through my kids on that one.

Mike Lewis -
  We've been friends since my freshman year of college.  I was dating a friend of his, and then he and I managed to become friends somehow (I'm still not totally sure how).  He's a simple guy and is now married to someone who I think is just about perfect for him.  He enjoys watching TV shows and sleeping.  He's my eternal bowling buddy (we average about the same score, but he's far more consistent.  I bowl 263 one game and 96 the next while he pretty much always hits 180 but never tops 200).

We decided to be roommates after I went back to BYU (that wretched, wretched school).  He's also an amazing friend that I never really got a chance to thank (but to my credit, I did buy him a wristband that said "I <3 Boobies" that one time).  He's extremely patient with me and never once (ok, maybe just once) got mad at me for anything I did or failed to do.  He never said anything when I never did the dishes or cleaned or be useful in any way.  He took care of me.  He even found me a girlfriend (even though things didn't work out, it's the thought that counts, yeah?).

Matt Taylor -
  My best friend.  We didn't know each other long before I considered him my best friend.  Every conversation we have is stimulating, hilarious, and laced with some of the most complex and insightful social commentary I've ever been a part of.  Plus we make fun of Harry a lot (I'll probably dedicate an entire post to that sometime soon).  I was the best man at his wedding (even though I didn't really have to do anything - just showed up, put on a tux, posed for some pictures, and that was pretty much it).  He just finished law school.  I haven't talked to him in over a year.  I should give him a call...

Jordan Sorensen -
  A great friend in the same way Mike is (minus the bowling and finding me a woman).  He's short and always smiling, hard-working, and always acts like the entire world is watching him (a quality that I like).  He's been extremely patient with me over the last few years and is always willing to give a second chance.  He notices when things aren't quite right and lets me know that he's aware without triggering any of my defense mechanisms (which is worthy of some kind of medal).  He's what you would call a genuinely good guy - something that is rare.  Lots of people are good people, but wish bad things upon people that wrong them or annoy them.  Jordan is the kind of guy that breaks up with a girl and then genuinely hopes that she's happy and wishes her the best (but he's married now, so that quality doesn't count anymore).  Even though people say that, they never actually mean it.  Jordan would.  He's a man of character.

He's also quite the character.

Caitlin Robison -
  Most people don't even know we're friends.  And those who know we're friends severely underestimate how good of friends we are.  She's short, blonde, and sassy.  Caitlin and I basically behave and think the exact same way in social situations and it's always funny to look across a room and see her with the same expression on her face as me (I've always considered myself to be unique in my thoughts).  I really like that she asks for advice and values my opinion on things.  She's hilarious.  We didn't like each other very much at first (I'd go so far as to say that we disliked each other), but once we realized that we're two peas in a very small, specialized pod, it's been great being her friend.

Sara Schafer -
  She probably doesn't even realize it, but I'm always happy to see her and I admire her a lot.  For some reason, I always feel like she understands (in general... it's hard to explain).  Her desires for nothing but the good things in life inspire me to be better and her fearlessness in stating her opinion in any situation both entertains and provokes thought (in a good way).  For someone who's had such a rough life, she's done very well for herself.  She's found herself an amazing husband and has one of the cutest kids I've seen in recent history.  Her and I started out as just online acquaintances.  We were both scheduled to come to SVU and we somehow found each other online and started chatting.  When we finally did arrive at school, I still had my teenage mentality that I was too cool for most people (which, in all fairness, was kind of true).  I severely regret that.  But Sara doesn't seem to mind that I was kind of an ass.  That's why I like her so much.

Mariel Porter-Kunz
  I didn't really interact with her much before my mission.  I remember her name, her face, and that's about it.  But after I got back to SVU, it's been nothing but love and hugs from both her and her super-tall, super-awesome husband.  Mariel is one of those people that I'm always happy to see or hear from no matter what.  She makes me feel important.  I like that.

Plus she's an amazing photographer and did a photoshoot with me so that I can send the pictures to the girl I love in an attempt to convince her to have my babies.

Eric Griffin -
  He's my pocket encyclopedia.  Anything I need to know, I turn to him and ask.  He's the man with all the correct answers.  Plus he looks and acts a lot like Jack Black.  I've always tried to be a good friend to him because I could tell he needed it after a close encounter with a complete bitch, and now he's returning the favor tenfold.  Plus it's fun to watch him play Fallout on my computer.  You know I like you when I'm willing to sit and watch you play videogames instead of me doing it myself.

Sandy Kolle -
  A friend that I haven't seen in like 6 years.  She's short, blonde, and sassy (a trend in my life, I've found).  We met at SVU when I sat next to her at a fireside and she, without saying anything or introducing herself at all, leaned over and immediately started trying to braid my arm hair.  We were bestest buddies from then on.  She's married now, so I won't go too much into detail on how our relationship worked, but it was a lot of fun (but not that kind of fun). I miss her more than a fat kid misses his legs after a landmine incident.

Brianne Shiraki (Christiansen...?)  I can't remember what her married last name is. -
  Just 'cause I know she'll read this.


  1. Aww thanks. And you got it right.

  2. Thanks Brandon. It meant a lot. I think you're amazing.