Tuesday, March 15, 2011

SVU management at it's best

I just got this email from SVU:

Hi Brandon,

My name is [Name] and I am the transfer/readmit counselor at Southern Virginia. I was just passed a note with your phone number – sounds like you might be looking to transfer out this way in the Fall.

Looking forward to talking with you about your school plans.


[Name]| Office of Admissions - Transfer Students/Readmits | Advisor to The Fading Point |
Southern Virginia University | Buena Vista, VA 24416 | [Phone Number] (w) | [Another Phone Number] (f) http://go.svu.edu

And my response:


I appreciate your enthusiasm in trying to recruit me to SVU and I'd be glad to find time to talk with you about enrollment, but I just got out of my class in Durham and I have to head to the library to work on homework.

Tomorrow probably won't work because I plan on talking to Joe Bouchelle in his office about The Shenanigans (I was the director before everything crashed, but he's trying to get it going again). Also, I just declared a second major with Susan in the registrar's office (biology, in case you were curious) so I'm going to have to go talk to Richard Gardner and maybe Beth Schramm in their respective offices about that.  Then I think I might need to sit down with my advisor, John Armstrong, and talk about my class schedule with him for next semester.  I also probably have to sit down with Steve Baldridge and get advice on a paper I'm supposed to write for one of his classes that's due next week.   Anyway, the point is that my schedule is pretty packed for tomorrow, so it'll probably have to be another day.  I now have your phone number (your message was very pleasant), so I'll be sure to use it when I can.

I also see that you're the advisor for The Fading Point!  That's pretty cool.  I auditioned to be in the group at the end of last year, but sadly, I didn't make it in.  I think it's because Brydon Brett had something against me, but it's possible that I'm just not good enough at acapella.  I hope everything is going well with them, though!  I'm Jake Smith's home teacher.  Tell him I say hi!

But yeah, let's talk about me transferring here for next semester.  Where's your office?  Maybe I can pop my head in really quick and chat for a bit. 

I don't write this to embarrass you or make fun of you or offend you or anything like that.  I just hope that you can laugh with me over the fact that someone told you to contact me to recruit me.  I've been back since January 2010.  Go ahead and tell whoever told you to call me that you have had great success.



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  1. I'd like to say... yeah. I went there. Oh SVU.