Friday, March 11, 2011

Spring Break, Edei, and Dream

So it's been a good while since I've written (or as they say in the south, it's been a "hot minute".  i'm not entirely sure what it means.  maybe as the minute heats up, it expands so that it covers more than just a normal 60 seconds.  which begs the question - at what point does a minute boil?  i feel like these are things they didn't think of when they came up with the phrase).

My lack of writing is mostly good - I've been sleeping nicely.  Well, with the exception of spring break (which I am currently in).  I've been staying up until like 4 and waking up around noon.  It's a terrible thing for an insomniac to do because when school starts up, I won't be able to fall asleep on time, but I mean, c'mon.  It's spring break!

This time last year I was in Florida with the Shenanigans.  That will forever remain probably the best vacation I've ever taken.  I spent a total of like $40 (but I also put tons of miles on my new car).  A state of hiatus is always enjoyable.

It's funny though.  We were split into two groups.  Kelan, Ariel, Lauren and Justin in one car; JJ, Brittany Smith, Caitlin and me in another car.  The other car ended up getting married to each other (Kelan + Ariel, Lauren + Justin).  The people from my car don't even talk to each other anymore.  JJ and I were buddies, but I later found out that he thought I was a terrible person or something like that and then he started dating someone (and is now engaged).  Brittany moved to Utah.  I see Caitlin pretty often, but she's always latched onto her boyfriend, so we never actually talk.

As a side note, I have a massive crush on this girl:

Mmmmm.  I love everything about her.  Especially the hippie vibe she puts out.  I'm way into that lately.  It's a shame that her actual music isn't the best, but her covers are amazing.

I had the weirdest pleasant dream last night that I've ever had.  I have dreams a lot and I can usually remember everything about them, but this one stands out for some reason.  The dream itself sounds like nothing special, and I guess it really wasn't anything special, but... I dunno.  It's hard to explain.  It felt different.

I needed a summer job, so I got a job at the grocery store I used to work at.  Within the first day, I knew I wanted to quit.  So I did.  I went to the boss, but there was already someone in his office (and she was quitting as well).  She steps out of the office, and it's a girl that I'm Facebook friends with that I see around campus from time to time, but not really friends in real life (I can remember having like three conversations with her at her place.  she's pretty shy).  I go and I quit my job and I go to the "employee housing" to get my stuff to go back home.  I decided to fall asleep there for the night.  She was in the bed next to me (and the beds were pushed up together).  Then she ended up in my bed somehow and we spooned.  Nothing sexual.  Just spooning and then we fell asleep like that after some conversation.

Also, the grocery store was selling lumber for some reason.

We wake up the next morning, and we feel gross from not showering.  My place isn't far, so I offer to take her there.  We get there and I go into the bathroom to take a shower.  My parents weren't around and my siblings were gone.  I couldn't get the door to stay shut, so I tried propping different things against it to keep it shut, but it didn't work so I just left it open (and felt SUPER awkward about it).  Then I heard the most beautiful piano music I've ever heard in my entire life.  I can still hear how it goes in my head.  She was playing it.  Then my parents came in and heard her playing and then started gushing that they were so happy that I finally found a nice girl to be with.  When I come out of the shower, my whole family is surrounding her and talking to her and she looked happy, then she and I looked at each other - a different kind of look.  Not just a blank stare, but like a good, intentioned look.

And then I woke up.

I'm not sure if in real life this girl enjoys spooning or plays the piano or anything.  I know that she's incredibly shy.  She seems to be pretty smart and she's beautiful and she's artistic, but that's pretty much all I know about her (I also know what her new year's resolution was.  is that weird?).  I haven't even seen her in weeks if not months.  So why did my brain pick her out for this particular dream?  Usually, my dreams involve people that are currently a part of my life.  This is one that I want to figure out, but I know that my mind is strange enough to where I probably never will.

So now I have this strange urge to go on a date with her.  And it's not an urge that comes from interaction (I've thought about it, but didn't really do anything about it).  It's like I'm expecting something to happen which in reality won't.  I dunno.  It's weird.

So then I decided to go to the internet and analyze my dream.  For funzies.

Grocery:  Not in the dream dictionary like how it applies in my dream.  So I'll go with "groceries" and "grocery store" (which they link to "market").
           -Groceries:  I have some kind of emotional and physical need.
           -Grocery store (market):  Well crap, it also says I have some kind of emotional and physical need.  What is that need, exactly?  Well, I have my guesses....

Job:  They don't have a category for quitting a job, so I'm just going to mix having a job and losing a job together:  I need to make more time for leisure and I feel unstable and insecure in my life.  MORE leisure time??  If I mix in anymore leisure time in my life, I'll have to get a suit dedicated entirely to leisure.  Unstable and insecure?  Plausible, I suppose, but I seem pretty content with how things are with a few minor exceptions.

Facebook:  I need to expand my social circle.  That's probably true.  I have like 4 real friends and I have yet to find a new best friend since 'the incident'.

Spooning:  They don't have a category for spooning, so I went with Spoon (even though the two, despite having similar names, are totally unrelated).  I guess I need to establish a give-and-take relationship with someone.  (now things are starting to piece together)

Lumber:  "To see lumber in your dream indicates you need a fresh start.  You need to start over and reorganize your life.  It is time to rebuild."  It also says that lumber stands for strength, creativity and flexibility. I've rebuilt my life so many times that doing it again just sounds redundant.  Strength and creativity are true.  I'm not sure what they mean by flexibility?  Physically?  Oh hells no.  Mentally?  Yeah, I guess so.

Sleeping:  It could mean one of two things (and maybe both):  It could be peace of mind.  Or, sleeping with a stranger (which she kind of is, but i'm not sure it applies here) means that I'm avoiding some issue or situation.

Door:  They don't have an entry for not being able to close a door.  It could either mean that I'm willing to accept new ideas - especially spiritual ones, or it could mean that I'm trying to block my true thoughts and feelings from the world.

Shower:  Symbolizes spiritual or physical renewal.  I'm washing the burdens out of my life.

Piano:  "To dream that you hear the sound of a piano suggests harmony in your life.  You are pleased with the way life is going."  Plus she was really really good at it.  If a girl can really play the piano - and I'm not just talking about reading music.  I mean really play and understand the piano - I'll most likely fall in love with her. There are other key factors in falling in love, but playing the piano is cruise control to crush, at the very least.

Family:  Symbolizes security, warmth and love.

In all seriousness, I've never really believed that these dream analyses are by any means correct or accurate, but it's always fun to see what the internet thinks about me.

So it looks like in my dream, I started out being unsure about life and miserable, but then I saw the lumber and then I felt better.  Wood does magical things, I suppose.


  1. Yeah.... I have so much I want to say ... I just don't know where to begin with that.

  2. Hello.
    I have fallen in love with your blog.
    Keep on writing, I'll read it.

  3. Well thank you, E. I really appreciate that.

    Not gonna lie, your blog straight-up scares the hell out of me :)

    But in a good way.