Wednesday, January 26, 2011

New Line of Thinking

I've always been a believer that any thought that you think is not unique and that someone at some point in history has thought the exact same thought.  I think I was proven wrong today when I was sitting in my political theory class.

Professor John said (when commenting about Socrates and Glaucon in Plato's Republic) "I want salvation to make my teeth whiter."


That's when I thought to myself - that's probably the first time anyone has ever had that thought.  This got me thinking.  What other kinds of ridiculous things can I say or think that someone else has never said or thought before?

Drawing unnatural conclusions due to twisted expectations - that's the key.

For example:  I wish my girlfriend would come over so that I can become a space cadet.

See?  New and unique.

Actually, someone may have thought that thought at some point in the past (kinky).

But do you understand what I'm getting at?  Unique thoughts come from ridiculous expectations.  "I need to go take a shower so that the dog across the street will pee on the police man."  Bam.  Unique thought.  I'll bet $20 that no one has ever had that thought before me.  I have just come up with a new and original idea.  It's insane, but so am I.


  1. Someone's probably thought that before. I definitely have thought that last statement.

  2. You need to watch Garden State. It will make this post mean so much more.