Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Accidental Discovery

I find people to be infinitely interesting.  Not people in general.  I'm talking about individuals; the way they think, the habits they have, everything.  It's all fascinating for me.

There is a girl I know (not Sarah, for those of you wondering... that wasn't going anywhere).  This girl is very attractive (she scores about an 8 on the scale).  When I first met this girl, I was extremely impressed with how smart she was, how socially aware she was, pretty much everything.  I was already planning on how I was going to ask her out.  I remember asking some of my friends about her and they all had the exact same thing to say: "She's crazy."

Now, I'm not one to trust the specific judgement of other people.  I just like hearing if someone likes her or not.  I don't care what they say beyond that.  I find that when lots of people like a person, that's a good sign.  When lots of people don't like a person, that's a bad sign.  I want to end up with someone likable.  So while I understand that there is far more to a person than what other people think, knowing if other people like her is a good indicator.

So I started talking to her in the library.  All was going well.  I was flirting.  She was flirting back.  She seemed perfectly normal in terms of sanity.  She was intelligent.  Conversations would go to interesting places and always had a witty, clever subtext.  I was confused why anyone would think she was crazy.

Then it was like a pillowcase of bricks to the balls.  Floodgates of liquid crazy.  She suddenly became the most childish and obnoxious person I'd ever met in my entire life.  She'd start to do and say things that were completely stupid.  She literally turned into a 13-year-old girl (and by "literally" I mean "figuratively" - we seem to be twisting what "literally" means in English lately).  I couldn't stand to be around her.  I decided to avoid her for a while.  She'd still appear and do things like say "libary" and want to play Clue at weird times.  Then she'd tell me to die a slow painful death, go running down the hall, stop and play with some lint, then come running back to show me a booger.

Then, out of nowhere, she was nice and charming and intelligent again.  This pattern continued for several months, so I decided to take note of when she was charming and when she was crazy.  As it turns out, she is charming for one week in a month (the second week, in case you're wondering), and crazy for three.  A girl acts differently for one week out of the month...  I feel as though I've accidently stumbled onto something far more creepy than originally intended.  Did you see that episode of Community where Abed figures out all the women's menstrual cycles by accident?  I think I did exactly that with this girl.

My hypothesis has yet to be proven.  This is something that has been a charted pattern for 2 months, but I started noticing a month before I started keeping track (so there's not enough data).  We'll see when I get back to school after Christmas break.

This post became something entirely different from what I first set out to write about.

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