Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Let's get a few basics out of the way before I really start this.

My Motivation

1. I often find myself sitting in a room full of people with thoughts that leave me semi-giddy, but I don't share them because I feel like they're too valuable to be wasted on a room full of people that probably won't appreciate the gem of an idea that I currently hold in my head. The problem with this is that no one gets to hear some of my most precious and hilarious thoughts.

2. I keep a journal, which is actually called "Conversations With Imaginary People" (yes, I named my journal. Shut up) which is pretty much that. I talk to no one in particular. My journal posts are directed at someone, but there's obviously no one there unless you count my computer (aptly named "My Computer"). I'm gonna go ahead and admit that I feel a little crazy when I knowingly have conversations with people that don't actually exist.

3. I don't back up my journal on anything, which leaves me paranoid about when my computer finally fizzles out and what will happen to all of my precious imaginary conversations.

I was stressing about these problems while standing in my less-than-ideal shower today and the thought came to me, "The internet is the solution to all problems!" I sat and mulled over that deep and thought-provoking idea that seemed to come out of nowhere and then I realized what my mind was trying to tell me. Start a blog! That solves all of my problems! Instead of being scared of sharing my thoughts with the wrong people, I'll just share them with EVERYONE! Makes total sense! I'm scared of appearing crazy to myself, so I'll talk to EVERYONE! I don't back up my data, so I'll post it on the internet and it can be someone else's hardrive's problem!

I fully understand that my problems aren't really solved, but it feels like they are.

About Me

The name this blog is under is Hugo Sanchez. That's not my name. That's not even remotely close to my name. I just feel like I need some super awesome internet alias so that I can talk about people and the people won't think that I'm talking about them because it's under the name of someone that they don't recognize. They'll never suspect me, even though their stories happen to be identical to the ones that I plan on posting about. My plan is failproof. I foresee only good things in my immediate future.

I'm 24. I'm 6' tall. I'm about 220 lbs. In my opinion, I'm kind of a good-looking guy. I exercise fairly regularly (probably average about 3-4 nights a week) and I have a fair amount of muscle covered by a layer or two of fat. I have very short brown hair and I've been recently told by various members of the female gender that I look really really good with scruff and that I look strikingly like Leiv Schreiber. I grew up in San Francisco California and am now a college student in a tiny town in Virginia and I will never ever graduate mainly because I don't know how. Something about talking to some people and making a plan. I dunno. I skipped that day of orientation. The point is that I get a full Pel grant (or however you're supposed to spell it) as well as a pretty good scholarship from the university, so I'm going to school for a very small amount of money. I'm a politics major and an english minor. I plan on being a lawyer (which only recently has started to sound like a bad idea).

Why Am I the Way That I Am?

That's a very good question, Mr. Internet. I'm glad you asked it. I realized towards the end of high school that I really like myself. Like... a LOT! I must be a really cool person because I really like hanging out with me. I realized at the end of high school that I like myself so much, that it was fun for me to spend unhealthy amounts of time alone in my room doing nothing. I used to be a pretty sociable guy. I was on the football team, I was in the theater program, I was part of the comedy group doing standup comedy and stuff like that. One day I thought to myself, "no." And that was it. I'm not completely against social interaction. I enjoy it sometimes. But when given a choice between doing nothing or something, I often prioritize nothing over something. Some people ask me if I have social anxiety disorder. No. I feel fine venturing out into public places. No anxiety attached. I just generally don't enjoy it. I'm not clinically depressed (but I am clinically other things). 

Update: After reading the above paragraph over, it sounds like I absolutely hate outside interaction, which isn't true. I'll hang out with friends and all that, but I'm always happy when I get to be in my room.

I have a pretty serious case of insomnia which I've had various doctors try to solve. My current doctor has decided that it's best for me to oversleep than to undersleep, so he has me take enough sleep medication to sedate a hippo. I kind of like it.

So anyway. That's a basic introduction of me. It's entirely possible that no one will ever really read this, and that's fine. I won't say that I don't want this blog to become a big deal on the internet or anything like that, because that actually sounds really cool. The point is, if you read this at all, leave a comment or something and let me know that you did. It doesn't have to be anything beyond "I read this." I don't know if this blogger website leaves my email information or whatever, but I'll do it myself. HugoCWIP@gmail.com.

I promise things will be a lot more entertaining in the future. Today is just me testing the water.


  1. I read this... And I will stalk you forever more.